Acclaro Translation Services

Acclaro is a translation services company that was in bad need of a redesign for their website to lend a modern look for their customer-facing marketing presence.

Working in partnership with Stratabeat for this project, the entire architecture of the old Acclaro site was overhauled and rethought. They have an extensive array of services they offer to their clients and the focus of the site was to present these services in a compelling but also digestible manner.

Stratabeat brought in a new designer we had never worked with before, Shannon South, to translate the wireframes into a finished website design. She did a great job of making the site content visually engaging through the use of thoughtfully chosen stock photography. By crafting a clear & simple set of modular styles she was also able to maintain a highly usable experience.

The site build was fast and furious. Since the wireframe and design phases of the project went way over the budgeted timetable, I had to complete the development of the site in just over two months. In preparation for development, while waiting for the design to be finished, I decided to take some time and create my own CSS framework from the ground up for this project.

I harnessed the power of SASS @extends to create a semantic layout system that, once compiled using Gulp, proved incredibly lightweight compared to other off-the-shelf frameworks. It was a really fun and rewarding exercise that allowed me to experiment with some cutting-edge programming techniques.