Community Training and Assistance Center

Community Training and Assistance Center is a non-profit company that brings expertise in education solutions to schools nation-wide.

Client Needs

They wanted a website that would serve as a marketing tool to engage educators to hire them as consultants. I built this custom WordPress theme for them so that in-house personnel could manage the large amount of information on the site.

Design Solutions

The client wanted to communicate the value of the company by showing off their impressive Staff and Board members, as well as their past work and publications.

Ease of input.

For theStaff/Board bios I wrote a flexible WordPress shortcode so the client could edit all of the bios on a single page without involving a new Post Type. When rendered, the bios are shown with truncated text but can be expanded in a light box without having to reload the page.

Success map.

The designer chose to visualize the client’s past work history using an interactive map to showcase their success stories around the country. I built the U.S. map using TileMill and published it via a subscription to MapBox. This map can be updated and added to at any time going forward by their in-house staff.

Landing pages.

For the client’s publications, I coded a WordPress Custom Post Type so they could add content to a “Publications and Results” section, giving them the ability to upload and display their case studies in multiple downloadable formats (.PDF, .ePub, .mobi, etc.).

CTAC was very pleased with the results, and has since called upon me to do several additions after launching the original site.


Project Credits

The site was designed by Patricia Nieshoff of Nieshoff Design.