Cooperatives For A Better World

A Co-op Advocate Group

Partnered with Stratabeat, a digital marketing agency, we built a site for this great non-profit company dedicated to spreading the word about the cooperative business model.

I was excited to work on this project as a big fan of the cooperative model for businesses. I try to support my local community with my purchasing power whenever I can so it was a joy to work on a project with this engaging non-profit company based in Maine.

“Cooperatives combat the widening wealth gap by empowering global communities with ownership and voice in the businesses that shape their lives.”

The site, although beautifully designed, was a fairly standard marketing site on the surface. However, underneath this veneer the company had us build out a very powerful membership-based community component of the website aimed at engaging local cooperative business owners and employees throughout the country.

This member community component was ambitious and lead us to build out an entirely custom dashboard experience for WordPress so that users could be invited to the community to post their own content for other local coop business owners and employees.