Resolution Media

Resolution Media is a global Digital Marketing Agency based in Chicago. The company has over 40 offices world-wide and is part of the behemoth Omnicom Media Group.

The Challenge

The client wanted to give the ability for each of their global offices to have their own separate website using a unified template to unite the global brand. Each office also needed to have their website in their native language, and some offices required more than one language.

Designed Solutions

I built a custom theme for Wordpress using the Profound SASS-based grid system. The theme has the most complicated set of custom templates, Custom Meta, and Custom Post Types I had ever worked on to this point.

Multiple sites in the network.

To accommodate the need to represent each global office of the company as its own entity, we decided to build a WordPress theme that was flexible enough to use with wide variety of content. The custom WP theme is used on all of the sites within the WordPress Multisite install, allowing us to present a large group of separate websites while keeping the global company’s brand identity.

Multiple languages per network site.

To handle the language components, we went with the WPML multi-lingual WordPress plug-in. This allows each global office to translate their own content into any number of languages they need to market to their localized client base.

Navigating the network.

One of the most impressive aspects of the site is the global map in the footer of each page. I built this on top of an extremely light-weight mapping system so that the client could map each of their offices by their geo-coordinates.

The map is also interactive, letting the user pull up a contact form and email or see the contact info for any office in the world from any page on any site in the network.

Project Credits

The site was designed by Pow Interactive.