Tom Curren Companies

Tom Curren Companies is a small, premium residential Painting and Home Remodeling company outside of Boston, MA.

Lead Generation

I have done a lot of web work for my father over the years, going all the way back to licking stamps for his direct mailings in the 90s, but more recently I have helped him with the company’s digital marketing efforts. Over the past 2 years I have developed a slew of landing page templates for his WordPress site that are fed by the company’s AdWords campaign.

Conversion Optimization

The purpose of these landing pages is boost lead generation for specific company services at specific times of the year to plug gaps in the work schedule so he can keep his best employees busy year-round. Using Google Analytics and AdWords data on A/B tests, we have been able to refine the landing page designs to generate higher click-through-rates.

I cannot publish any live links to the landing pages but you can check out the main website, which I also designed and built from scratch as a WordPress theme.