Touchstone School

Touchstone is a small and unique private school located in Grafton, MA and is part of the AISNE.

Client needs

The client wanted to redesign of their website to be more engaging than just a “brochure” for their school. They were interested in starting a blog where they could publish articles and videos about some of the wonderful experiences their faculty and students were having there.

The client also wanted, in addition to their front-facing website, an internal site that where all affiliated Faculty, Staff, Parents and Alumni could log into with a unique username and password.

Intranet system

The intranet system I developed for them needed to have a tiered permissions structure to restrict access to content on a per-level basis. This would allow Faculty and Staff to communicate privately between each other about curriculum and scheduling without parents or alumni able to see.

At the same time, Faculty and Staff would also be allowed to communicate updates for Parents and Alumni that the client felt should not be shown to the general public.

The publicly-facing site and private “intranet” system were built on 2 separate WordPress installations to prevent any unintended “bleed” of information from the private site to the public site.


Project Credits

The entire site was designed by Patricia Nieshoff of Nieshoff Design.